Our Fields

Nicosia Field

(offers 3 huge theme arenas with another one under construction)

Vertigo Arena:

A smaller symmetric, mirror arena lies in the middle, created for tournament and fast-paced games.

As you enter Vertigo arena you realize that only strategy and communication will guide you through the game. Obstacles that provide you full cover and the ability to move swiftly in the arena without your opponent noticing you. Available for night gaming also!!

Gunsmoke City:

A whole Wild-West theme town was created to offer your action thrilled paintball.

The Mayors Office (castle), the Saloon, the Chapel, the Graveyard, Sheriff’s office and the jail-house are some of the buildings created covering an area of 8000sqm making this the largest man made theme arena in Cyprus! With unique theme scenarios, obstacles and scenery that gives you a Wild-West experience!

Junkyard Arena:

A themed abandoned junkyard arena

Filled with cars, tires, barrels, trenches, wooden obstacles a tunnel and many more. Huge obstacles such as a bus, an ambulance, many complete a huge puzzle of battle positions. Capture the Flag, Elimination, ,Capture the Bus, VIP Rescue are just some of the scenario games available to play here against your friends! Depending on the variant played, games can last from seconds to several minutes max. Available for night gaming also!!

Nuke City:

An advance scenario arena is under construction! Get readyyyyy


Limassol Field


Official millennium 5man xball field 45×36 which is an up to date set up (2016 WPO bunkers) including pit areas and air panels, advanced buzzer and game control system’s for accurate results with game play and game time.

Speedball is a team sport, and can be played recreationally or professionally; with games usually specifying teams of three, four, five, and seven. The game is characterized by a small symmetrical playing field, with obstacles (such as inflatable bunkers) placed in various configurations to challenge players, and various game times ranging from the NSL’s 2 min 15 seconds to as much as PSP’s 20 minutes. Stealth and concealment is of little use on a speedball field; there is very little to blend in with. Success is dependent upon teamwork, aggressive movement, and constant communication. Players wear uniforms, similar to more traditional sports.

Rumble in the Jungle:

A wood-ball Arena 500 m from Monte Kaputo that offers you raw adrenaline!

Woodsball is a format of paintball gaming, in which players compete in a natural outdoors area using paintball markers to tag opponents.
It is recognized as the first format of Paintball ever played, allowing players to enact parts in a story or historical battle. This is due to its effectiveness in allowing players to simulate military situations using realistic weaponry and equipment; all of which are customizable – allowing each player to fulfill a tactical role. The types of games playable are infinite, and include mostly capture the flag or elimination.