Scenario Games

There are many different game scenarios for paintball. Some of them are set below and YOU get to choose which to play…


RecBall Arena Scenario Games:

Team elimination

Simple scenario, but always the most popular!
The two teams are positioned at their bases and wait for the marshal´s call to start the battle… Eight minutes should be enough to eliminate the opponent team. If neither team eliminates the other the game is considered to be a draw. No prisoners of war are allowed!

Capture the flag

The most popular scenario game!
Center flag (novice teams):
A single flag is placed in the middle of the field, visible to both teams. The objective here is to capture the flag and position it to your base.
Each team takes its position at their base… Time allowed: just 8 minutes… No one is allowed to take the flag during the first minute but don’t be mistaken… The first minute is the most crucial as to who is going to win the game. Good strategy before the start of the game and excellent team play during the game is the secret to victory…
A variant of center flag is the three flags capture scenario for more expert teams…
The difference between the two scenarios is that the teams should adopt their strategy and focusing on the most valuable flags. Or maybe not??? Each flag is worth different match points (2 and 3 points flags). Should your team go for the three point flag or for the other two? Should your team attack or defend? And there is another rule… If you eliminate all opponents then all remaining flags are yours…


Real life war scenario… Cripple your enemy infrastructure to win the war! In this case their medics… Each team gets to select one player to be assigned as a medic. The medics are distinguished using a protective vest marked with a white cross to tell them apart from the other players. Medics have the power to revive the eliminated players who weren’t “deadly” shot on their head. Wounded players are transferred inside the ambulance and the medic must rush to their rescue. The wounded players are allowed to scream for help but not for intel information… Strategy is simple: Shoot the Medic!!!

Capture the fort

Classic!!! Siege and Defend… Bridge the castle wall to win the game. The attacking team wins 2 match points if they succeed in touching the outside castle wall. If the defenders manage to hold their castle for eight minutes they win 1 match point but if they counterattack and eliminate all the attackers 3 match points… The attacking team may be forced during the game to change their strategy into surviving mode!


Paid killers are set to kill your team´s V.I.P. Your team should escort your V.I.P. across the battle area and through enemy fire, to a safe location. If you are coming to play with your co-workers and your boss, it’s the time to take your revenge!!! The V.I.P. wears a distinctive vest and carries a large shield in addition to his weapon. Well, the shield is not big enough…

Capture the bus

This scenario is similar to Capture the Fort. The only difference is that the defending team have to protect the bus which is positioned in the middle of the field… You should be careful of incoming paint – grenades and smoke grenades. Crossfire are extremely dangerous! Good tactics and communication skills are needed in order to avoid friendly fire… Hold the bus to win 1 point, siege the bus to win 2 points, counter attack and eliminate the attacking team and win 3 points

Gunsmoke City Scenario Games:

Take down the Castle Flags and Dominate Gunsmoke City

The huge castle located in the corner of Gunsmoke City has 4 flags on top of its four bastions. Four pulling mechanisms are strategically positioned outside the castle boundaries. The attacking team have intel about the pulling mechanism locations. Defenders should push the attacking team away from the pulling mechanisms locations and hold as many flags as possible… Each flag is worth one match point. Four match points are to be won in this game. The teams that wins this game usually wins the day and dominates Gunsmoke City!

Shoot the seniorita…

The seniorita is about to get married and has to be escorted to the small chapel which is located in the middle of Gunsmoke City to complete the ceremony. Don’t be fooled by her sexy lingerie and long blond hair… She is carrying guns and she means business… The grooms team must safely escort the seniorita to the chapel… The opponent team have other goals involving the seniorita… Escord the seniorita to the chapel to win 2 points… Shoot the seniorita and win 1 pointed (added bonus is the seniorita herself)